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The Henry Bradshaw Family

MOTTO: Qui Vit Content Tient Assez

(He Who is Happy Has Enough)

A portion of the historical information on this page is taken from the book "The Bradshaw Decendants, Relatives and Relations of Henry Bradshaw", written in December 1988 by David L. Bradshaw.

Bradshaw family queries and requests for information should be directed to David Bradshaw Email


Henry Bradshaw was buried 16 June 1689 at Brewood, County of Codsall, England. Jane died 27 Dec 1709 in Brewood. He had one known brother, John Bradshaw from Shareshill. Henry and Jane had one known child:

  1. Henry Bradshaw baptized 26 May 1659, Brewood, Codsall


Henry was baptized at Brewood and moved to Gunstone in Codsall. Sarah was buried there 25 April 1730. They had five known children, all baptized at Codsall:

  1. John Bradshaw (baptized 26 Apil 1683)
  2. Sarah Bradshaw (baptized 2 Feb 1685)
  3. Nathaniel Bradshaw (baptized 25 Sept 1688) married Ann (no surname)
    1. Nathaniel Bradshaw (baptized 23 Sept 1722 at Brewood)
    2. Theodosia Bradshaw (baptized 30 Dec 1730 at Codsall)
  4. Thomas Bradshaw (baptized 17 Sept 1691)
  5. Theodosia Bradshaw (baptized 13 Dec 1694) married Francis Baker 28 Dec 1723


John was baptized 26 April 1683 at Codsall and died 27 Jan 1782 at Tettenhall. He married Ann Illedge (baptized 20 June 1686 at Tettenhall, dau of John Illedge of Bilbrook) on 19 April 1715. Their six children were baptized at Tettenhall:

  1. Thomas Bradshaw (baptized 13 Jan 1716 - 10 July1787) married Jane Faulkner
  2. John Bradshaw (baptized 23 April 1718) married Sarah Dean
    1. Theodorus Bradshaw (baptized 17 June 1754)
    2. Hannah Bradsahw (baptized 20 Apr 1755)
    3. Sarah Bradshaw (baptized 26 Sept 1758)
  3. William Bradshaw (baptized 26 Jan 1719) married Hannah (no surname)
    1. Thomas Bradshaw
  4. Anne Bradshaw (baptized 26 Oct 1721 - 6 Nov 1721)
  5. James Bradshaw (baptized 25 Aug 1723) married Sarah (no surname)
    1. James Bradshaw (died as an infant)
    2. James Bradshaw (baptized 7 April 1750)
    3. Anne Bradshaw (baptized 13 Oct 1751)
    4. Richard Bradshaw (baptized 1 Feb 1755)
    5. Phoebe Bradshaw
  6. Joseph Bradshaw (baptized 9 April 1726)


Thomas was baptized 13 Jan 1716 and died 10 July 1787. He married Jane Faulkner (11 Feb 1723-30 Jan 1802, daughter of Thomas Faulkner and Judith). Their nine children were baptized at Tettenhall.

  1. Sarah Bradshaw (baptized 30 April 1748)
  2. Jane Bradshaw (baptized 3 Feb 1749 - 3 Apr 1770)
  3. John Bradshaw (baptized 12 Dec 1751 - 31 May 1761)
  4. Mary Bradshaw (baptized 16 Sept 1753) married Edward Lawrence 4 Jan 1787
  5. Thomas Bradshaw (baptized 18 Aug 1755 - 21 Aug 1755)
  6. Martha Bradshaw (baptized 26 Sept 1756)
  7. Josiah Bradshaw (baptized 19 Nov 1758) married Sarah Simmons
  8. John Bradshaw (baptized 8 Mar 1762)
  9. Thomas Bradshaw married Mary Griffith 20 Jan 1788
    1. Thomas Bradshaw (baptized 14 Feb 1791)


Josiah Bradshaw was baptized 19 Nov 1758 and buried 26 July 1828 at Tettenhall. He married Sarah Simmons (9 June 1758, dau of Thomas Simmons and Mary) in Pattingham 12 Mar 1789. Their children were baptized in Pattingham.

  1. Sophia Bradshaw (baptized 27 Oct 1791)
  2. Fanny Bradshaw (buried 23 Mar 1793)
  3. Thomas Bradshaw (baptized 21 Mar 1795) married Sophia Blanton
  4. Sarah Bradshaw (baptized 16 July 1796)


Thomas Bradshaw was baptized 27 Oct 1791 and married Sophia Blanton (baptized 26 Sept 1813 at Albrighton). Thomas emigrated to Canada and is believed to be buried in the Old English Churchyard, St. Thomas, Ont. Their nine children were born at Albroghton:

  1. Henry Bradshaw (21 Sept 1833-1907) married Mary Ann Kyte
  2. Harriet Bradshaw (1838-?) married John Jeffrey and emigrated to Ontario, Canada
    1. Thomas Jeffrey
    2. Edwin Jeffrey (1868)
    3. Emma Jeffrey (1870)
  3. Sarah Emma Bradshaw (23 April 1839-?) married H.B. Hutson
  4. Thomas Williams Bradshaw (25 Oct 1840-?)
  5. Josiah Edwin Bradshaw (16 Oct 1842-?)
  6. Mary Ann Bradshaw (9 Feb 1845-?)
  7. Elizabeth Bradshaw (25 Apr 1847-?)
  8. Charles Bradshaw (22 July 1849-18 Sept 1938) married Sarah Walton (1855-1951, dau of Thomas Walton) 10 Feb 1880
    1. Evelyn Bradshaw (10 Dec 1880)
    2. Harold Bradshaw (1882)
    3. Hilda Bradshaw
    4. Madeline Bradshaw
    5. Aubrey Gerald Bradshaw (1887)
    6. Muriel Bradshaw
    7. Ida Bradshaw (10 Dec 1889)
    8. Kathleen Bradshaw (1892)
  9. Susanah Bradshaw (12 Sept 1852-?) married Herbert Monk
    1. Kathleen Monk
    2. Violet Monk



Mary Ann Kyte (21 Jan 1836-36 June 1911) was the daughter of William Kyte and Jane Williams. Henry and Mary Ann had nine children:

  1. Thomas William Bradshaw (20 Sept 1867-20 Dec 1943) born in Laingsburg, MI, died in Vancouver, BC who married Alma Rosina Miller 1 Jan 1896 in St. Thomas, Ontario
  2. Joseph Charles Bradshaw (13 Jul 1869-5 Jan 1944) born in Laingsburg, MI, died in Nelson BC who married Mary Elizabeth Winship 1 Aug 1896
  3. George Henry Bradshaw (1871-?)
  4. Arthur Joseph Bradshaw (8 June 1874-3 Mar 1906) born in St. Thomas, Ontario; died Revelstoke, BC
  5. Eliza Emma Bradshaw (4 Feb 1875-16 Mar 1875)
  6. Jane Alice Bradshaw (27 Sept 1876-1945) married Albert Hugh Dennis 7 June 1907 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  7. Frederick James Bradshaw (9 Mar 1878-1910) married Katie Blumenaur
  8. Ernest Floyd Bradshaw (14 Apr 1881)
  9. Grace Eleanor Bradshaw (30 April 1883-3 Mar 1973) married Charles Haggitt 26 June 1907. Charles was the son of Hanna Maria Winship Haggitt, sister of Mary Elizabeth Winship Bradshaw.

 1.Henry Bradshaw tried to persuade is parents to leave England for several years, but they would not agree. Henry had become discouraged with farming and left England in July 1861 on the ship "Anglo Saxon". He arrived in Quebec and reached St. Thomas, Ontario August 7 1861. His parents sold the farm, settled their affairs, and followed with a year. In 1863 he traveled, heading for Chicago and ending up in Detroit MI where he found work with the D & M Railway. In 1866 he was transferred to Laingsburg and met his wife, Mary Ann. Unhappy in America, he and his wife returned to Canada about 1870 where hesecured a position on the Great Western Railway (Letter from Henry Bradshaw to his son George Henry Bradshaw, September 1894).


Joseph Charles Bradshaw (13 July 1869-5 Jan 1944) married Mary Elizabeth Winship (2 Dec 1872-13 Dec 1966, dau of Rothwell Winship and Hannah Cawkwell) They had six children:

  1. Charles Henry Bradshaw (20 Mar 1897-14 July 1964)
  2. Gordon Rothwell Bradshaw (2 Jul 1899-21 Mar 1969) married Anita Dove Aline Gauthier on 17 Mar 1936 in Raymore, Ontario
  3. Chester Edward Bradshaw (5 May 1901-13 Mar 1969)
  4. Roy Leslie Bradshaw (14 April 1903-26 Jan 1936)
  5. Walter Clifford Bradshaw (31 Jan 905-?)
  6. Arthur Joseph Bradshaw


1. Further information on the WINSHIP Family. 

2. Nelson Daily Miner, Obituary of Joseph Charles Bradshaw) "A Nelson old-timer, a verteran railroader and one of hockey's and baseball's keenest followes, Joseph Charles Bradshaw, 74, died suddenly at 3:30 PM Sunday at his home. He came west to Nelson in August 1897. Mr. Bradshaw was born at Laingsburg, MI July 13, 1869. St. Thomas, Ont. became the family home when his parents moved there three months later. A year before coming west, he married in 1896 to Mary Winship of Newbury, Ont. He saw service with railroads both in the East and in this district. Before coming to Nelson via Revelstoke, Mr. Bradshaw was employed on the Orand Trunk Railway. From his arrival here until his retirement July 1 1933, 36 years, he worked on the CPR. For many years he was a conductor on the Slocun Valley Run and became well known in that section. For many years he was senior conductor there. An ardent sports fan, he took active interest in both local hockey and baseball and was a follower of the big time sports. On occaision he made trips to take in major league and other baseball playoff series. He was a member of the Order of Railway Conductors and a member of Nelson Masonic Lodge 23 and Nelson Chapter No. 5. Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw's family of five sons were raised in Nelson and four surviving are well known in Nelson District. Their fourth son, Roy Leslie Bradshaw, a druggist in the City Drug Store here, was killed in a skiing accident at Salmo, Jan 28 1935. Surviving are his wife and four sons: Charles Henry Bradshaw at Trail, Gordon Rothwell Bradshaw of the Teck Hughes Mine, Kirkland Lake, Ont., Dr. Chester Edward Bradshaw at Nelson and Dr. Walter Clifford Bradshaw at Trail, both dentists, and Sapper Arthur J. Bradshaw RCE at Chiliwack, and two sisters, Mrs. AH Dennis at Fort William Ont., and Mrs. Charles Haggitt, formerly of Nelson, at Sicamous, BC and 14 grandchildren. A borther, Tom at Vancouver, died Dec 21 1943. Spr AJ Bradshaw is now at home on leave."


  1. Dove Aline Bradshaw (12 Dec 1836-?)
  2. Mary Gayle Lynda Bradshaw (30 Jul 1938)
  3. Joseph Charles Bradshaw (1 Jan 1940)


 1. Kenora Ont., Obituary of GR Bradshaw: "Gordon Rothwell Bradshaw, Kenora, died Tuesday, March 18th, 1969 at Santa Cruz, CA while visiting his daughter. Born at Nelson, BC July 2, 1899 he was 69 years of age. He was married at Raymore, Ont on March 17 1936 to the former Anita Gauthier. Survoiving are his wife, two daughters ... one son ...and seven grandchildren. Also surviving are his two brothers Dr. Walter Bradshaw of Trail BC, and Arthur Bradshaw of Kenora. The late Mr. Bradshaw received his education in Nelson, BC. He attended McGill University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He was a mining engineer and an Ontario Land Surveyor. He practiced both professions in the Kenora District, retiring in 1959. The late Mr. Bradsahw came to this District in 1946. He was a member of St. Albans Pro Cathedral, Lake of the Woods Locdge, member of the Royal Arch Masons No. 251, Kirkland Chapter, member of The Association of the Ontario Land Surveyors and Alcoholics Anonymous. The funeral services will be held at 2PM Tuesday, March 25, 1969 at St. Albans Pro Cathedral with Dean LM Watts officiating. Interment will be in the Lake of the Woods Cemetery ..."

2. St. Louis Dispatch, Obituary of Anita D. Bradshaw: "Bradshaw, Anita D.: fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, Tues., March 9, 1999, dear wife of the late Gordon R. Bradshaw, dear mother of Dove A. (John) Pierce, Mary Gale (John) Doyle and J. Charles (Lesley) Bradshaw, dear grand-mother of 11 and great-grandmother of 9. Funeral mass Thurs., March 11 9:20 am at St. Clement Catholic Church, interment Resurrection Cemetery. Masses or memorials may be made toAlzheimers' Association ..."