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The Boren Branches

The Boren (Boring, Boron, Boring, Boran) family is fairly well documented in Early Texas records. Like many other people at the time, they were lured to the Texas Colony by land.

Generation 1 (1686-1768)


  1. James Boren


1.According to "Wells and Allied Families" by Guy H. Wells, James was the son of William Boren of Maryland

2. William Boren was granted 1000 acres of land 5 June 1666 Stafford Co., VA (Virginia Colonial Land Office Patents 1623-1774, Library of Virginia Archives). This William Boren was probably the father of William born in 1686. According to Helen Meeks book on the Borens, William was one of three brothers who came to America in 1646 from Ireland, escaping Cromwell's troops.

3.William died 11 June 1768 in Orange Co., NC. The abstract of his will lists only Charles and Joseph ("An Abstract of North Carolina Wills 1760-1800" by Fred A. Olds).

Generation 2 (1706-)

JAMES BORING was born about 1706, perhaps in VA.

  1. William Boring (abt 1701- Oct 1768) marrried Elizabeth Larkin (dau of Alexander and Elizabeth Larkin)
    1. Rebecca Boring abt 1727
    2. Nicey Boring abt 1729
    3. Mary Boring abt 1731
    4. James Boring abt 1733
    5. John Boring abt 1735
  2. Charles Boren married Mary (no surmane) had twelve children:
    1. Bazel Boren (1745/50-?) married Susannah Bryan about 1777. Susannah was the cousin of Rebecca Bryan, wife of Daniel Boone. Bazel and Daniel Boone's association is documented in accounts from Daniel Boone. They had twelve children:
      1. Mary Boren ( Sept 1778-?) married Jacob Young and Willis Boren (son of John Boren and Sarah Alley)
      2. Sarah Boren (1785-?) married William Dorris
      3. John Boren married Lydia Chapmna
      4. Nancy Boren married James W. Hogan
      5. Susannah Boren married William Spears
      6. Martha Boren
      7. Morgan Bryan Boren (1795-1851) married Anne Lathum
      8. Bazel Boren, Jr. married Cassandra Boren (dau of John Boren and Sarah Alley)
      9. Tinney Boren
      10. Rebecca Boren (15 May 1807-9 June 1868) married Lewis Lathum and James Kolb
      11. Coleman Bryan Boren (14 Oct 1808-13 May 1858) married Malinda Keller and Flora Kingsley
      12. Mourning Boren married Matthew Waters, Jr. on 25 Sept 1827
    2. John Boren (1747/50-May 1834) married Sarah Alley
      1. Willis Boren
      2. Cassandra Boren
    3. William Boren (abt 1752-1817) married Unknown March 13, 1780 (record with spouse's name is damaged)
    4. Moses Boren (abt 1754-?)
    5. Joseph Boren (abt 1758-?) married Nancy (no surname)
    6. Stephen Boren (abt 1760-1843) married ______ Colston
    7. Francis Boren (abt 1762) married Mary Freeman
    8. Jemima Boren
    9. Sarah Boren
    10. Mary Bpren
    11. Charles Boren, Jr. (1770/80-?)
    12. Jeremiah Boren (ant 1775-1853) married Nancy McIntosh
  3. Joseph Boren (30 Jan 1729/30-11 Jan 1774) was a member of the "Regulators", a group of tax dissenters in the Carolinas who were organized in 1765. A primary leader of the Regulators in North Carolina, Joseph was one of fourteen men excluded from from the pardon issued by Governor Tryon for Regulators following their defeat at the Battle of Almance. He married Suzanna J. Teague
    1. John Boren
    2. James Boren
    3. William Boren
    4. Isaac Boren
    5. Joseph Boren Jr.
    6. David Boren
    7. Susan Boren
    8. Becky Boren
    9. Phebe Boren
    10. Sere Boren
  4. John Boren (abt 1726-1821) married Sarah (no surname)



1. Orange County, NC Tax Lists, 1755 lists Charles Boring, William Boring and Joseph Boring (B652)

2. Orange Co., NC will abstract for William (1775) lists Elizabeth, Rebecca, Nicey and Mary Boring.

3. Will of Joseph Boring, proved May 1775: test: John McMonhanney, Edmond Browning Then Joseph Borin made the following will and ordered it to standing as his last will and testament. JOSEPH BORIN (G) Susannah Borin to have her living on the plantation during her widowhood, her bed, and furniture, negro Hannah to wait on her as long as they live, horse, saddle, and bridle. John Borin to have negro Jack; James Borin to have negro Caleb; William Borin to have the wagon, gears and four horses, Rain, Bon, Buck, and Jack; Isaac Boring to have gristmill; Joseph Borin Jr. to have milken, Idom: David Borin to have 20 lbs paid to him by his oldest brother, John, the said David shall come of age. Susan Borin, Becky Borin, Phebe Borin, Sere to have divided among them the balance of my estate and Cousin Patsy Clarke. David Borin to have the plantation whereon I now live when he comes of age. Charles Stephens and James Currie to see due performances of my will (Orange Co., NC Book A, p. 188).


Generation 3 (1726-1814)

John Boren was born abt 1726 and married Sarah (surname unknown). They had the following children:


  1. William W. Boren, Sr. (1766-1851) married Ruth Duff, 2 Dec 1785 Pendleton District SC. Died in Madison Co., MO
  2. James Boren (1768-20 Oct 1826) who marrried Nancy (surname unknown)
  3. John Boren, Jr. (1770-27 Aug 1814) married Sarah Bush abt. 1790. Sarah died in 1848.
  4. Matthew Boren (1774) married Keziah (?) abt 1797 Pendleton District SC
  5. Anna Jane Boren (1776-18 Jan 1854) married William Burgess Bush in 1799
  6. Agnes Boren (1777-1885) married William Melton 3 May 1804, Warren Co., KY
  7. Margaret Boren (1779-1860) married Michael Miller abt 1799 Pendleton Dist SC
  8. Tareleton Boren (3 July 1781-27 Feb 1848 married Hannah Dillon 24 Sept 1807
  9. Francis E. Boren (1783-1875) married Edith Wimberly (dau of Lewis (Noah) Wimberly and Martha Barbee) 30 Mar 1805 Sumner Co., TN
  10. Catherine Boren (1785 abt 1850) married Morris Miller 20 Aug 1811

Generation 4 (1768-1826)

James Boren was born in 1768 in North Carolina and died 20 Oct 1826 in Hempstead, AR. He married Nancy (surname unknown).

Nancy Boren was born abt 1754 in Virginia and was reportedly Cherokee. After the death of her husband in 1826, Nancy and several of her children migrated to Texas. Nancy Boren died 11 Feb 1851 at the approximate age of 97 and is buried in Reagor Springs Cemetery, Ellis Co., TX.

James Boren and Nancy had ten children:

  1. William M. Boren (1787) married Julie Ann Dye (born 9 Sept 1791, parents unknown) on 12 Dec 1812 in Sumner Co., TN. They had ten children:
  2. James Boren (1794) married Rebecca (surname unknown)
  3. Matthew Boren (1796) married Nancy (surname unknown) abt 1822. Matthew arrived in Texas with his wife, receiving one league of land 16 Feb 1836 in Austin's Fifth Colony, Madison Co., TX ("1830 Citizens of Texas", Gifford White/ "PapersConcerning Robertsons' Colony in Texas, VOL VII1931-1833", Malcom McLean)
  4. Elijah Thomas Boren (1798-1884) married Rhoda Morrow (born 20 Feb 1806-died16 June 1896, parents unknown) in 1828. Rhoda had a previous marriage to Robert Barr. Elijah and Rhoda had two known children:
  5. Michael Boren (1806) married Mary Ann "Bettie" Ridgeway, Mary Elizabeth Morrow and Mary Elizabeth Cooke. Michael was also an early settler of Robertson's Colony and served under Sam Houston in the Army of the Republic of Texas. Michael's first wife, Bettie and their three children were involved in the "Runaway Scrape" after the fall of the Alamo. Michael and his second wife had 9 children, and Michael had another daughter named Anna with his third wife wife, Mary Eliza Cooke.
  6. Temelia Mary (Polly) Boren(1807) married John Teal. They had three known children:
  7. Joseph Boren (21 May 1810) married Ann Scott (born 1818, parents unknown) on 7 Sept 1834. Joseph received one league and one labor of land in Milam Co., TX, 1828 ("1830 Citizens of Texas", Gifford White). Joseph and Ann had ten children:
  8. Sarah Ledbetter Boren (18 Mar 1813) married David R. Mumford (born 29 Oct 1810). Sarah and David had nine children:
  9. Miriam Delilah Boren married James A. McCullough and John Hudson (22 July 1811, Warren Co., KY)
      1. Elizabeth Hudson (abt 1815) who married Michael Sessom
      2. James A. Hudson married Amanda Dawson (dau of Dread Dawson (1771-1847) and Elizabeth Patterson). James died July 1842 and Amanda died June 1845 (Index to Probate Cases of Teaxs, Robertson Co.)
        1. Dicey Hudson
        2. Mary Polly Hudson
      3. Frances Hudson married Jessee Mumford



       1. When Nancy Boren came to Texas, she brought with her Michael, Matthew, Elijah, Joseph, Sarah, and Mary Polly. Her daughter Miriam Delilah Hudson and her husband John Hudson apparently came along at the same time. Son William M. Boren followed in abt 1833. James apparently stayed behind in Arkansas.

      2. Nancy received a land grant in 1835 which was later cancelled. She applied for admission to the Austin and Williams Colony in 1834.