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The Webb Connection- Wilkes Co., NC to Overton Co., TN

The Webb family has been well researched. Three generations are shown here in order to make the connection to the Johnson family. The direct line is in blue.

GENERATION NO. 1 (1699-1783)

William Warren Webb was born 1699 and died 17 Jan 1783. He was the son of John Webb and Martha Riggens and a Revolutionary War soldier. He married Mary Elizabeth Crittendon (abt 1702, daughter of Henry Crittendon and Frances Upshaw) abt 1727. They had nine children:

  1. Ann Webb (1730)
  2. John Crittendon Webb (1732)
  3. William Crittenden Webb (1733)
  4. Martha Webb (1735)
  5. Richard Crittendon Webb (1737)
  6. James Crittendon Webb (1739)
  7. Sarah Webb (1741)
  8. Forrest Webb (1743)
  9. Mary Milley Webb (1745)


1. WILL of William Warren Webb (from Colleen Webb Belk, 1990). In the Name of God, Amen, I William Webb of Orange County being by divine favour of sound mind and disposing memory, do make this my last will and testament recommending my Soul to the mercy of God through the merits of my dear redeemer And my body to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner. I give unto my daughter Ann Gatewood, one negro woman named Esther and her increase to her heirs and assigns forever. Likewise a legace of ten pounds forever. I give to my son, John Cr. Webb, twenty pounds current money to be discounted out of his debt due my estate settling with my executors hereafter mentioned. I give unto my son William Cr. Webb five pounts current money forever. I give to my daughter Martha Watkins five pounds forever. I give to my Grand daughter Susannah Randolph five pounds forever and one silver seal. I give to my Grandson John Groom ten pounds forever. I give to my son, Richard Cr. Webb one negro man named Minor to his heirs and assigns forever. All the residue of my estate both real and personal I give and devise to be equally divided amongst my Three Children or their survivors. James Cr. Webb, Richard Cr. Webb and Sarah Groom to them their assigns forever. Nevber the less it is my will that my son Richard Cr. Webb shall if he thinks proper Keep and enjoy my slaves paying to my said son James and Sarah or their heirs the proportion of the praise value. I appoint my friend Thomas Barbour and son, Richard Cr. Webb Executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereunto I have set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of January on thousand seven hundred and eighty three. Signed and sealed in presence of Rowland Thomas Robert Stubblefield."

GENERATION NO. 2 (1739-1805)

James Crittenden Webb was born abt 1739 in Spotsylvania Co., VA and died aft 1805 in Burke Co., NC. He married Lettie Jane Nelson and they had eight children:

  1. Mary Webb (18 Dec 1762-26 May 1794)
  2. Elizabeth Webb (1 Apr 1764)
  3. James Crittenden Webb, Jr. (2 Nov 1765)
  4. William Webb (27 Mat 1769)
  5. Benjamin James Webb (13 Sep 1769-18Dec 1827) married Jane Coffey
  6. John Webb (17 Jan 1771)
  7. Rueben Webb (30 Mar 1773-11 Dec 1847)
  8. Stephen Webb (23 Nov 1775)

GENERATION NO. 3 (1760-1827)

Benjamin James Webb was born 13 Sept 1760 In Wilkes Co., NC and died 18 Dec 1827. He married Jane Coffey (1768, daughter of Rueben Coffey and Sarah Scott) abt 1786. Benjamin and Jane had nine children:

  1. John C. Webb (30 May 1788-15 May 1863) married Nancy Elizabeth Ward (8 Aug 1788-1830) on 4 Sept 1806 and Christina Jackson abt 1834. John migrated to Cumberland Co., TN. His children were:
    1. Jane Webb (1807)
    2. Sealy Webb (1809)
    3. Daniel Webb (1811-1878)
    4. Mary Webb (1812-1836)
    5. Nancy Webb (1815)
    6. Sidnea Webb (1817)
    7. Ben C. Webb (1819-1875)
    8. Louise Webb (1821)
    9. Thomas C. Webb (1823-1863).
  2. Nancy Webb (abt 1790-1839) married Jesse Brown (1810-1825)
  3. Sidnea Webb (21 Mar 1792-1830) married James Horton in 1815
  4. Elizabeth Webb (25 Mar 1794-8 Mar 1874) who married Hubbard Johnson
  5. Thomas Crittenden Webb (20 June 1798-14 Aug 1875) married Mary Jane Simpson on 23 Mar 1823 and Zilla Williams after 1849.
  6. Mary Webb (1800) married John Johnson.
  7. Elijah Clawson Webb (17 Jan 1802-20 Oct 1859) who married Martha Jane Johnson (1802-20 Oct 1859) on 2 Dec 1823 in Wilkes Co., NC. Moved to Overton Co., TN then in 1855 migrated to Jasper Co., MO. Elijah and Martha died on the same day of typhoid fever. They had the following children:
    1. Pauline Jane Webb (1824)
    2. John Cornwell Webb (1826)
    3. Benjamin Webb (1828)
    4. Eliza Webb (1829)
    5. Mary Ann Webb (1836)
    6. Juliet Webb (1839)
    7. James Webb (1841)
    8. Ann Eliza Webb (1844)
    9. Elijah Webb (1849)
  8. Patsy Webb (1810) married Jack "Jesse" Brown.
  9. James Crittenden Webb (22 April 1805-15 April 1875) married Clarissa Melinda Elizabeth Curtis before 1828 in Overton Co., TN. James died in Jasper Co., MO of rabies.


1. Benjamin James Webb appears in other researchers files as Benjamin Crittenden Webb.


1. Deeds F, Page 219. Indenture 18 December 1827. Jane Webb, John Webb, Thomas Webb, James Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Hubbard Johnson of Overton Co., TN and James Hooten (Horton), Jesse Brown and Reubin Mart (Mast) of Ashe Co., NC, of one part to John Johnson of Overton Co., Tennessee for and in consideration $1353, paid by John Johnson conveys 570 acres land on Spring Creek in two tracts Grant No. 384 and 2797. All sign. (Overton County, Tennessee Genealogical Records compiled by Edith Rucker Whitly)
2. Sale of nine year old slave named Martha from Jane Webb to Hubbard Johnson, 23 Mar 1840.
3. Jane Webb, at age 82, is living in the household of Elijah and Martha and their children (1850 Overton Co., TN Census, p. 77b).