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The Johnson Roots

The Johnson line begins in Ashe/Wilkes Co., NC and about 1822 moves to Overton Co., TN. From there they spread to Arkansas, Missouri and Texas. Four generations are shown here. Later generations include living individuals and have been left off to ensure their privacy. My direct line is highlighted in blue.

GENERATION 1 (1794-1862)

Hubbard Johnson was born in Ashe/Wilkes Co., NC in 1794 and married Elizabeth Webb (born 1794, daughter of Benjamin James Webb and Jane Coffey) about 1818 in NC. They moved to Overton Co., TN about 1822. Hubbard died 24 Mar 1862 and Elizabeth died 8 Mar 1874. They are both buried in Green Cemetery, Overton Co., TN. A lot of research has been done on the Webb family - See the WEBB family pages. They had five known children:

1. Daniel C. Johnson, born 1819 in NC. Married Catherine H. (surname unknown) and on 15 Aug 1857 married Cynthia Gaw (born 4 Oct 1832 in Jackson Co., TN, daughter of Wiley Gaw and Matilda Rutledge). Daniel died 26 Sept 1892 and Cynthia died 12 July 1910. All three are buried in Green Cemetery, Overton Co., TN. I have found no record of children for Daniel.

1. The following is a transcription of the document of the estate sale of Daniel's property following his death: "NOTICE! On Saturday October 22, 1892 we will offer for sale the following described property of D.C. Johnson, dec'd, on twelve months time taking notes with good and approved security: One black horse, four years old; One black filly colt, about 4 or 5 months; One gray mare, five years old; One buggy; One saddle; Two calves; One Cultivator; 3 barrels; About 7 or 8 bushels of rye seed; One lot of tobacco; One small table. Sale will begin at 10PM. This October 4th 1892, C.A. Johnson, Executrix of the will of D.C. Johnson, dec'd B.F. Danner, Executor of the will of said Johnson dec'd." B.F. Danner refers to Benjamin Franklin Danner, son of Anna Johnson and William Danner.

2. Nancy Johnson, born 15 Feb 1821. Married David A. Cooper (born 15 Apr 1818 in Overton Co., TN, son of William Cooper and Sarah Borden) in 1842. Nancy died 25 Jan 1892 and David died 1 Jan 1892 in Overton Co., TN. They had the following children:

  1. Sarah Cooper (1843)
  2. James Knox Polk Cooper (1844)
  3. Adalade Cooper (1846)
  4. Eliza Jane Cooper (1849)
  5. Julia Anne Cooper (1851)
  6. Margaret Cooper (1854)
  7. William Thomas Cooper (1858)
  8. Benjamin Franklin Cooper (15 Feb 1863)
  9. Mary Cooper (1865)

3. Elijah Johnson, born abt 1822. Married Malissa Curtis (parents unknown). They had the following children:

  1. Polina J Johnson (1844)
  2. Thomas Johnson (1845)
  3. Noah Johnson (1847) was the second husband of Elizabeth Anderson Hayes. Their combined children were:
    1. Mary Jane Hayes married Benjamin Franklin Danner
    2. Elmira Jane Hayes married John Mattison Mayhue Masters
    3. Sarah Matilda Hayes married Alvin Ridley Carmack
    4. James M. Johnson
    5. John T. Johnson
    6. Linda Johnson married Larkin Andrew Masters
    7. Lissie Johnson
  4. Daniel Johnson (24 June 1852-9 Nov 1922) married Arminda (surname unknown) and Zelpha Ann Oldfield and had the following children:
    1. John E.L. Johnson (about 1873)
    2. Mary M. Johnson (about 1877)
    3. Harvey J. Johnson (about 1879)
  5. James Johnson (1852)
  6. Malinda Johnson (1854)
  7. Andrew Johnson (1855)
  8. Harvey Johnson (1858-1938) married Isabelle Richardson (daughter of Noah Richardson and Mary Brown; (?-1946) They are both buried in Campground Cemetery, Overton Co., TN. They had the following children:
    1. Dora Johnson married Edward Bilyeu.
    2. Katie Johnson
    3. Dayton Johnson (1894-1970).
    4. Hugh Johnson (Feb 1898-Aug 1957) married Rebecca Lusettie.
    5. Dewey Bryant Johnson (Mar 1901-April 1993) married Mary Loftus.
    6. Savannah Mae Johnson (Mar 1907-Jan 1944) married Edward Masters Sept 1928 in Toledo Ohio.
    7. Woodrow Johnson (1915-1942)

4. Anna Johnson, born 22 July 1827 married William Pahate Danner (born 6 Jan 1819 in NC, parents unknown) in 1845. Anna died 28 Feb 1904 in Overton Co., TN and William died abt 1885, also in Overton Co., TN. They had the following children:

  1. Andrew Jackson Danner (9 March 1846 - 23 Dec 1923) married Lucinda Gentry who apparently died in the 1870s, presumably in Burnet Co., TX. "Jack" then married Cornelia Jeanette "Nellie" Smithhart on 23 July 1875 in Burnet Co., TX.
  2. Francis Marion Danner (1848)
  3. Eliza Emeline Danner (1850)
  4. Daniel Price Danner (17 Jun 1861 died 18 Jan 1954)
  5. Hubbard Elijah Johnson Danner married Charity Adelia Bilbrey
  6. Benjamin Franklin Danner married Mary Jane Hayes
  7. Joel Thomas Danner
  8. William Newton Danner married Mary LeAnn Smith
  9. John Calvin Danner
  10. James Monroe Danner
  11. Susan Catherine Danner
  12. Noah Elkanah Danner (9 July 1863-?)
  13. Wiley Lafayette Danner (9 July 1863-?)
  14. Louise Ann Danner
  15. George Washington Danner
5. John W. Johnson, born 11 July 1835 in Overton Co., TN.

1. Hubbard first appears on the Federal census records in 1830, Overton Co., TN living next door to Wesley Johnson. After following the census trail of Hubbard and Wesley and their children, I believe Wesley and Hubbard were related, although not brothers. Other siblings of Hubbard as well as his parents have yet to be proved. To date, my THEORY is John Johnson and Peggey Sparks.


2. Although we have not been able to locate a will for Hubbard, the following transcription is of a document showing his heirs and the settlement of his estate: "June 21st 1862 We the within named and underneath assignors do hereby declare and convey the we are the only lawful heirs of Hubbard Johnson, deceased In Overton County, Tenn. do avow that we have done as near as we could do as he directed us to do with his personal estate and we have divided all the proceeds of the same between us heirs giving each man his proportion of what cash was on hand and an equal share of notes that was on hand and notes that was received for property. We each received in notes besides cash Two hundred and forty nine dollars and twenty one cents. The day and date above written in witness whereof we have assigned our names and affixed our seals. D.C. Johnson (seal), Elijah Johnson (seal), J.W. Johnson (seal), William Danner (seal), David Cooper (seal), Nancy Cooper (seal) (her mark).

3. Deeds F, Page 219. Indenture 18 December 1827. Jane Webb, John Webb, Thomas Webb, James Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Hubbard Johnson of Overton Co., TN and James Hooten, Jesse Brown and Reubin Mart of Ashe Co., NC, of one part to John Johnson of Overton Co., Tennessee for and in consideration $1353, paid by John Johnson conveys 570 acres land on Spring Creek in two tracts Grant No. 384 and 2797. All sign. (Overton County, Tennessee Genealogical Records compiled by Edith Rucker Whitly)

ELIJAH JOHNSON'S line is being researched by one of his direct descendents. E-mail:
THE DANNER FAMILY is being researched by a descendent of Andrew Jackson Danner. E-mail:


GENERATION NO. 2 (1835-1901)

John W. Johnson was born 11 July 1835 in Overton Co., TN and died in Mason County, Texas, 7 Jan 1901. From the census records, it appears that John W. was married twice; once to Louisa C. Terry who died in 1874 in Grayson Co., TX and a second time to Catey (surname unknown). See theTERRY family pages. John's children were, most likely, from his marriage to Louisa.

  1. Fatima Elizabeth Johnson (born 2 Sept 1855, died 4 Apr 1943) married William Henry Anderson (3 Feb 1851-16 July 1929) on 9 Sept 1879 in Grayson Co., TX. Fatima and William died in Portales, NM. They had eleven children:
    1. Louise Jennie Anderson (15 Feb 1876-?)
    2. John Thomas Anderson (24 June 1878-?))
    3. Mary Elizabeth Anderson (1 May 1880-?)
    4. Jesse Williams Anderson (5 June 1881-?)
    5. James Curtis Anderson (2 Nov 1883-?)
    6. Cintha Alberin "Dollie" Anderson (5 Nov 1886-?)
    7. Rueben Daniel "Rube" Anderson (4 Jan 1888-?)
    8. Frances "Fannie" Anderson (14 Mar 1890-?)
    9. Charles Carey Anderson (19 Feb 1892- 17 April 1973) married Mayme Elmetta Lyda
    10. Ethel Agnes Anderson (27 Sept 1895-?)
    11. Annie Beatrice Anderson (14 June 1897-?)

  2. Mary J. Johnson born 1857

  3. Nancy Angelina "Ann" Johnson (19 Dec 1859 - 20 Sept 1943) married Luther Columbus Looney(son of John Looney and Samantha Holder, abt 1857-12 Aug 1931) 9 Feb 1876 in Grayson Co., TX. They had the following children:
    1. Lynea Aldora Looney (20 Oct 1876-?)
    2. Frances Delanie Looney (27 Nov 1879-?)
    3. William Columbus Looney (June 1881-?)
    4. John Hubert Looney (20 July 1883-20 Aug 1959)
    5. Sarah Myrtle Looney (Feb 1885-?)
    6. Martin T. Looney (April 1887-?)
    7. Clara Looney (Oct 1888-?)
    8. Deland "Dee" Looney (July 1891-?)
    9. Bertha A. Looney (Dec 1894-?)
    10. Josie C. Looney (Jan 1897-?)
    11. Nola Looney (March 1899-?)

  4. Jesse Lafayette Johnson born 7 Jan 1863 died 13 June 1916

  5. Sarah O. "Ollie" Johnson born July 1867 married George Cooper (b. April 1852 in England) on 6 July 1882 in Mason Co., TX. They had the following children:
    1. Albert Cooper (Dec 1884-?)
    2. Thomas J. Cooper (Jan 1886-?)
    3. John C. Cooper (Sept 1888-?)
    4. Myrtle L. Cooper (June 1893-?)
    5. Emma J. Cooper (May 1896-?)

  6. John T. Johnson born April 1868 married Salina Neal Burnett ( July 1875-1 Sept 1945, daughter of W.D. Burnett and Kizzie Jones) on 2 Feb 1893 in Mason Co., TX.. They had at least three children:
    1. Alice Pearl Johnson(Dec 1893)
    2. Viola "Ola" Johnson(Feb 1895)
    3. Willie D. Johnson (abt 1903)

  7. Scynthia Levina Cordelia Johnson (18 Oct 1872-6 Aug 1957) married Julius Alex Heinrich Gustav Splittgerber (1869-1946, son of Julius Splittgerber and Sophie Miehne) on 10 Jan 1891 in Mason Co., TX. They had four sons:
    1. Ervin Leslie Splittgerber (20 Mar 1892-18 Jan 1861) married Edna Heinrich (16May 1894-15 Sept 1978)
    2. William Jessie Splittgerber (23 Dec 1893-14 Jan 1964) married Lillian Donop (12 May 1900-7 Feb 1975)
    3. Arthur A. Splittgerber (1898-1899)
    4. Herbert Lewis Splittgerber (28 Mar 1904-5 June 1979) married Ida Mae Lemburg


    1. I believe John's first wife, Louisa, died in 1874, Grayson County, TX. It is also likely that her maiden name was Terry and that Louisa was sister of James Brazwell Terry who settled in Grayson County TX in the early 1870s. As there is no further mention of the daughter Mary J., it is likely that she died at the same time as her mother, Louisa.

    2. John's Confederate Pension Application (#4-2777, Mason Co., TX) was approved 4 October 1899. Witnesses to John's service in Company "A" Hamilton Co., KY Calvary were his daughter, Mrs. F.E. Anderson, T.J. Garner, and his nephew A.J. Danner.

    3. Obituary, Mason County News, Friday 11 Jan 1901: "J.W. Johnson Last Monday evening at 5 o'clock the death of J.W. Johnson occurred at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Julius Splittgerber, living two miles east of town. Mr. Johnson was born in Tennessee nearly 67 years ago. He went from that state into the Confederacy and fought for the southern cause. He came to Texas after the war and here farmed for many years. He lost his wife many years ago and for several years has made his home with his children, of whom he leaves 6, 4 daughters and 2 sons, Mrs. L.C. Looney, Mrs. Wm. Anderson, Mrs. Geo. Cooper, Mrs. Julius Splittgerber, Jess and J.T. Johnson. The funeral was conducted Tuesday evening at 3 o'clock by Elder Walter Knox of the Christian Church. The interment was at the Gooch cemetery. The News tenders sympathy to the sorrowing relatives."

    4. John came to Texas in November 1873 and wrote letters home to his brother Daniel in Tennessee. The letters, preserved and given to me by Pauline Howard, range in dates from 1873 until 1892.Click here for TRANSCRIBED LETTERS


GENERATION NO. 3 (1863-1916)

Jesse Lafayette Johnson was born 7 Jan 1863 in TN and married Elfriede Auguste Katrine Splittgerber (born 7 Sept 1867, Gillespie Co., TX, daughter of Julius Splittgerber and Sophie Miehe) in 1884 in Mason Co., TX. Jesse died 13 June 1916 and is buried in Gooch Cemetery, Mason Co., TX. They had the following children:

1. Oscar Johnson born 1882, died Sept 1887 in Mason Co., TX.

2. George Washington Johnson born 25 April 1886 died 26 Jan 1942

3. John Julius Johnson Born 9 June 1890 died 3 Mar 1957 in Mason Co., TX. Buried in Gooch Cemetery, Mason Co., TX. He married Annie Wilelmina Starks (6 Feb 1895-26 March 1992) on 12 June 1912. They had three children:

  1. Jenevieve Laura Johnson (12 Jan 1914)
  2. John Julius Johnson, Jr. (19 July 1916-24 March 1994)
  3. A.J. Joshnson (27 Apr 1927).

4. Louis Henry Johnson born1 May 1894 died 12 Apr 1969 in Bexar Co., TX. Buried in Gooch Cemetery, Mason Co., TX. He married Dolores Gertrude "Lolly" Fritz (6 Sept 1894-13 Nov 1977). They had three children:

  1. Anna Marie Johnson (22 July 1921-11 Feb 1934,
  2. Lois Deloras Johnson (2 Aug 1925)
  3. Verylyn Pauline Johnson (6 Dec 1930)

5. Leile Marie Johnson born Sept 1897 died 21 Mar 1963, Mason Co., TX. She married John Louis Starks (30 Sept 1881-15 June 1947) in 1904, Mason Co., TX. They had two children:

  1. Oscar Louis Starks (23 Dec 1906-4 March 1971)
  2. Leila Marie Starks (20 Sept 1917).

6. Ralph Bosworth Johnson born 2 Dec 1897 died 19 Nov 1990, Mason Co., TX. Buried in Gooch Cemetery, Mason Co., TX. He married Elsie Willie Catherine Ziriax in 1912 and married Ruby Dina Guentert (born 15 Sept 1906). Ralph and Ruby had four chidren:

  1. Dossie Johnson
  2. Royce Charles Johnson (25 June 1935)
  3. Floyd "Curly" Johnson (25 June 1935-13 Sept 1981)
  4. Dorothy Lou Johnson (27 March 1939)

7. Flora Lovena Johnson born 1 July 1899, Mason Co., TX., died 2 April 1993, Bexar Co., TX. Flora married twice, Alexander Henry Wahl and Ernest Isabell. She had no children.

8. Harold Hanson Johnson born 23 May 1902, Mason Co., TX. He married Minne (surname unknown) and Nora Ivy. Harold and Nora had one son, Harlen Welsh Johnson.

9. Agnes Dorothy Johnson born 29 Sept 1904, Mason Co., TX, died 15 Jan 1981, Bexar Co., TX. She married Aaron Rufus Ivy (30 Oct 1889-29 March 1978). They had six children:

  1. Ora Mae Ivy (30 April 1922)
  2. Elgin Aaron Ivy (13 May 1924)
  3. Lena Louise Ivy (5 Dec 1926)
  4. Bernece Odena Ivy (13 Oct 1928)
  5. Ila Ruth Ivy (3 July 1932)
  6. Cecil Aaron Ivy (19 May 1936)

10. Roscoe Johnson born 1909 died 1916. Never married, no children.

11. JB Johnson died as an infant abt 1910

1. (Mason County News, Friday June 16, 1916) The body of Jesse L. Johnson, who died in Austin on Tuesday AM last at 8:30 o'clock, while there undergoing treatment for cancer of the stomach, arrived in Mason today, Thursday, and will be buried at the Gooch Cemetery this afternoon at 5 o'clock. Mr. Johnson had been a farmer of this county for many years and was acquainted throughout the county. At his death he was 53 years, 5 months and 6 days old. He leaves behind a wife and 8 children, 4 grandchildren, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. The funeral services will be held at the cemetery this afternoon at 5 o'clock and will be conducted by Rev. Garrett.


GENERATION NO. 4 (1886-1911)

George Washington Johnson was born 25 April 1886 and married Edna Leafy Sessom (born 14 May 1894 Llano Co., TX, daughter of Jesse G. Sessom and Mary E. "Mollie" Graham) 29 Nov 1911. They had the following children:

1. Edith Lovena Johnson born 20 May 1913 died 5 Sept 1995. She married Lawtin Wilmer Holloway (6 Feb 1911) on 8 June 1957. They had no children.

2. Stella May Johnson born 14 Sept 1914 died 30 July 1944 and married Felix Garner (29 April 1913-10 Sept 1972) on 7 Aug 1935. Stella May was on record for having shot Opal Thompson in the right chest for "seriously tempting her husband." She was tried and acquitted in 1945. Stella drowned in the Llano River. Stella had four children.

3. JB Johnson stillborn 3 June 1916

4. Ora Juanita Johnson born 12 Feb 1917 died 28 Feb 1919

5. Audrey Faye Johnson born 21 Feb 1919 died 25 Aug 1998. Audrey Faye married Richard Applin and then married Jesse Wiley York in July 1936. Audre Faye had four children.

6. Imogene Johnson born 27 Oct 1921 died 28 Oct 1991 *twin*. Imogene married several times, having four children. Three of the four children were as a result of her marriage to Lewis Andrew Hood (born 13 April 1910-died 1973, son of Elzie Andrew Hood and Vida Bessie Scarborough). Imogene was my grand-mother.

7. Genevieve Johnson born 27 Oct 1921 died June 2001 *twin*. She had one son.

1. The Sessom Family page contains information on this line
1. Edna Leafy died in 1926 of tuberculosis. She is believed to be buried in an un-marked grave in Hobbs Cemetery, in Longworth, TX. Imogene Johnson related stories of how the children were not able to be near her during the end of her illness, but could see her through the window of a small house she stayed in. According to family stories, Edna went to West Texas near her parents, where the air was better for her condition, and Jesse and the children visited often. They were not there when she died.
 2. Jesse lost his arm in a trucking accident and took up boot-legging whiskey. At one time, his bother Louis was Sheriff and had to arrest his brother for bootlegging. His daughters fetched the whiskey and George sold it from the jail window.