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The Search for Hubbard Johnson's Parents

This is my current theory and a work in progress. Any help here would be appreciated!

Important note: There is historical documentation of John Boswell Johnson who was the son of Thomas (Minor) Johnson and Jane Chapman. This John Boswell was born in 1770 and died in Sumner Co., TN in 1815. His will lists his wife Elizabeth (Thompson) and only three children: Thomas, Chapman and Mariah Barclay Johnson. This John Boswell Johnson does not appear to tie into this line.

John Boswell Johnson was born in England and came to the Colonies (Hanover Co., VA) about 1765. He married Mary Cornwell who also came from England with her family about the same time. From Virginia they moved to North Carolina. I believe their children to be:

  1. John Johnson, born abt. 1780 in North Carolina, married Mary Webb. Died after 1860. John and Mary migrated to Overton Co., TN in about 1826 with at least six children, among them
    1. Alfred Crittenden Johnson (1816-?) married Mary Celia Peek. In 1850 (Overton Co. TN Census p.95B/ 96a) they had five children: Margaret (1840), Thomas (1841), Richard (1844), Benjamin (1846), and William (1847)
    2. Jane Johnson.
  2. Hubbard Johnson born 24 March 1794 married Elizabeth Webb and died 17 May 1862. Hubbard's descendents are listed here.
  3. Daniel Johnson born abt 1796. Daniel married Frances Pigg and left Overton Co., TN in 1840 for Jasper Co., MO. Daniel had seven children:
    1. Hubbard Johnson (abt 1817-30 Nov 1907), married Ollie Jane Howard (Nov 1820-9 Aug 1900)
    2. John Johnson married Jestin Howard
    3. Daniel Johnson Jr., married Sarah Carmak and Elizabeth Hokib
    4. Elizabeth Johnson married Andrew Carmak and Elnathan Cloud
    5. Frances A. Johnson (1829-?) married Robert Scott
    6. Caloway Johnson (1833-?) married Nancy Brock
    7. Franklin Johnson (1837-?)
  4. Wesley Johnson born abt 1800, married Elizabeth Warren (born 1809 in Person Co., NC, daughter of Samuel Warren (1784-1846) and Catherine Stone) on 13 April 1824. They had the following known children:
    1. John Johnson born about 1826. From the census records, I believe John had two sons:
      1. William born abt 1845
      2. Isam born about 1847.
    2. Unknown Son see notes below.
    3. Matthew Johnson born abt 1829. Matthew is listed on census records as insane; the last census records for him are 1870, living in the household of John W. Johnson with Wesley and Elizabeth.
    4. Amanda Johnson born abt. 1835
  5. 5. Martha Jane Johnson (17 Jan 1802-20 Oct 1859) who married Elijah Clawson Webb. Note that Martha and Elijah had a son named John Cornwell Webb, founder of Webb City, Jasper Co., MO. More information on the Webb family. Martha Jane and Elijah both died in Jasper Co., MO.



1. Daniel Johnson:1850 Jasper Co., MO Census p.374 Another researcher descends from this line and has established that Hubbard, John and Daniel were brothers.

2.Wesley Johnson: (a) The 1830 Overton Co., TN Census (p. 196) shows Wesley with three sons under the age of 5. In 1840 (Overton Co., TN p. 18), Wesley has two sons between the ages of of 10-15 and one son between the ages of 15-20. (b) The 1830 Overton Co., TN Census (p.196) also shows two females living with Wesley between the ages of 15-20. Based on the ages, I do not believe these to be Wesley's daughters, but I do not have any idea who they are. In 1840 (Overton Co., TN Census p. 18) there is only one female between 5-10 listed - this would be Amanda. (c) In 1850 Overton Co., TN (Census p. 121a), John and his young sons are living next door to Wesley. By 1860 (Overton Co., TN Census p. 159), John has disappeared and the two boys are living with Wesley and Elizabeth.

3. I have included Wesley as brother to Hubbard on the following facts:

  1. 1830 Overton Co., TN Census, p. 196, Wesley (Westly) and Hubbard are living next door to each other. 1840 Overton Co., TN Census, p. 18-19, Wesley and Hubbard (Hubbed) are living next door to each other.
  2. In 1850 and 1860, both are in Overton Co., TN, but Wesley has moved to Livingston District 2 (1850- p. 121a/ 1860 p. 159) and Hubbard is living in Oakhill District 1 (1850 p. 35a/ 1860 p. 149).
  3. In 1870 (Overton Co., TN Census, p. 255a) Wesley and his wife Elizabeth (Warren) are living the household of John Johnson (born 1835), son of Hubbard. Hubbard has, of course, already died. Hubbard's wife Elizabeth (Webb) is living in the household of her son, Daniel (b. 1819).
  4. By 1880, Wesley has presumably died and John W. Johnson migrated to Mason Co., TX (1880 Mason Co., TX Census PCT #2, p. 485b).